Comfort food

As I type this, I’m inhaling a ham sandwich. But not just ANY ham sandwich… I have attempted to re-create my Gram’s ham sandwich… THE Ham Sandwich!

Let me back up and say that my Gram is not the type of grandmother who sits in a rocking chair knitting baby booties while the homemade chocolate chip cookies are in the oven. That’s just not her. She does usually have store-bought cookies in her cookie jar, however (and I always enjoy them immensely when I’m at her house!).

But, Gram makes a mean ham sandwich.

When I lived down the street from Gram, I would just drop by her house at random times… anytime I was driving past. And if it happened to be anywhere close to lunch time, Gram would offer me a ham sandwich. She’d say, “I don’t have much here… but I can make you a ham sandwich.” And I’ve never been able to turn down that particular offer from her!

Over the years I’ve wondered, “What the heck is so special about Gram’s ham sandwich??” I make ham sandwiches at home all the time, and they’re just NOT the same. So I’ve watched her make these ham sandwiches, trying to figure it out. And, it’s really nothing amazing… but, when I make a ham sandwich, I slap some mayo on some bread and throw some ham on it. Voila. Gram uses mayo, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Then she adds some lettuce and a slice of tomato. Then the ham. That’s it. Normal, ordinary ham sandwich stuff, but those little extras… the salt/pepper, tomato, and lettuce… make the sandwich soooo much better!

Today, I had to stop by the grocery store and it was nearing lunch time. And I thought a ham sandwich sounded wonderful. But not just any ham sandwich… I wanted a Gram Ham Sandwich. Unfortunately, Gram is 500 miles away, so I can’t drop by her house this afternoon. But, I grabbed a tomato and some lettuce and came home to try my hand at making THE Ham Sandwich.

It was good. Much better than my lame ham and mayo sandwiches. Amazing what a little produce and salt and pepper can do!! It resembled a Gram Ham Sandwich, and it was quite tasty. But I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much because Gram wasn’t here to chat with me while I ate it. I’ve decided the secret ingredient in a Gram Ham Sandwich is… Gram.

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2 Responses to Comfort food

  1. Vanessa says:

    This may seem dumb, but you should totally scrap that story! That’s something about your Gram that you’re going to want to remember someday!

  2. Tami says:

    My kids love Grandma’s stroganoff. I have her recipe. I follow it precisely. They still don’t think it tastes like Grandma’s. But that’s ok – because even though I make my cinnamon rolls exactly as my grandma taught me, they just aren’t the same. You’re right – the missing ingredient is Grandma!

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