Going away

I love the time every morning when my kids kiss me goodbye and head to the bus stop. Today, I’m going to love it even more. Because, as soon as the kids disappear from sight, I’m going to be out the door and on the road!

I’m joining a few of my friends for a scrapbooking weekend get-away near Lancaster, PA this weekend. Sooo excited to get a break from home and spend some girly time with friends! Every mom should get to do this at least twice a year, I think. It does wonders for the soul (and it’s good to get away and actually miss your family for a day or two!).

Although I won’t have a computer with me at the crop house, I know others will. So hopefully I’ll be able to check in once or twice while I’m there. But mostly I plan on sitting around, pretending to scrap, and laughing lots!

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2 Responses to Going away

  1. Trish says:

    Whooo hooo! Have a wonderful time! Will miss you!

  2. KathyM says:

    Have a blast! Tell the girls hi!

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