Take a walk with me!

When Comet the Wonderdog brought me a bar of soap from the bathroom today, I identified that as a cry for attention. And, I looked out my window and realized it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood (and I wasn’t doing anything productive, anyway!)… so I decided to be a good dog mom and take the beast for a stroll. I also decided to grab my camera on the way out the door… because, you know, there’s SO much exciting stuff to take pictures of out there!! Well, after reviewing said pics, I’m not so sure. It wasn’t all that exciting, really. But I’m going to share them and take you along on our walk anyway!

I really wanted to find some fun Halloween-ish things to photograph today. I’m not a very fun mom, and I’m not a huge fan of Halloween in general, so there’s no such thing as a Halloween decoration anywhere around MY house. I figured my neighbors would provide… And I was actually kind of surprised that there weren’t more Halloween/Fall decorations to be found. But this house… I KNEW they wouldn’t disappoint!!!These people go ALL out… for every season/holiday. This is actually quite mild… they must not be done! I always wonder where in their house they keep all of their holiday decorations stored. Their basement must be Holidays ‘R Us or something! And, I had to chuckle because… Lord knows, in the middle of all the Halloween madness, we MUST have a Steelers banner hanging there, too. Just in case we forget we’re in Steelers Country (not likely).

Okay, moving on… Pretty trees.A really bad photo of the Middle/High school “compound” at the end of our road. The lighting was not working in my favor today, unfortunately… but the sky is pretty, right??The flag flying at the Army Reserve center, also at the end of our street, next to the schools…We live at the top of a hill on S. 11th Street… only, almost everyone around here refers to it as Powerhouse Hill. And in case you’re wondering why the hill on S. 11th Street is called Powerhouse Hill, this is why. At the top of the hill, you’ll find this lovely scene…Oh, look! Someone else did decorate for Halloween! Scary-looking stuff…Ewww. Ick.And this poor witch… she could’ve used some flying lessons.I love how the roads around here just disappear. I keep telling people it’s hilly!!I love this little house. I want to live there someday.In case you were wondering, walking an 80-lb dog and trying to operate a camera is NOT as easy as it sounds. Comet the Wonderdog couldn’t quite figure out why we were stopping every few feet so I could take pics. But he’s a patient beast, and Lord knows he doesn’t overthink things! I think he was just thrilled to be out and about, getting some much-needed exercise and fresh air.And, of course, when he stopped to sniff EVERY mailbox we passed? Then I had plenty of time to take photos!I love this decorated little shed, too!The landscaping in the front of their house is even more beautiful… like, it’s perfect and they change it up every season like clockwork. I didn’t take a pic of it because I just knew they were in their windows watching me, thinking, “Why is this crazy girl taking pictures of our house?? And why is her dog peeing on our mailbox??” So I didn’t dawdle and hurried along!

These people went all out for Halloween…That was the extent of their decorating. But, you know, it’s more than you’ll find at my house, so who am I to judge, right??

We found ONE lonely pumpkin on our walk. One. Now, we’re coming back down our street… it really is a gorgeous day!This beast is the tree in our front yard. Unfortunately, because we now own our house, we also now own this tree… and it’s trying, not very subtly either, to take over the world as we know it.You can see Nick’s truck parked out front… with part of this tree now dead in the back. He seems to think he can “take care” of this behemoth on his own. Ahahahahaha. I think he’s certifiable.

It’s not easy to take a picture of a dog behind a window… a filthy window at that. But here’s Lizzie, waiting anxiously for our return, wondering why SHE was not the chosen dog who was blessed with a walk this afternoon… also wondering why in God’s name I was standing on the other side of the window taking her picture. Lizzie spends a lot of time trying to figure me out, I’m sure.And, last but not least… the hideously ugly thermometer that was left on our front porch by the previous owner (and that we’ve been too lazy to replace, of course!)… it’s almost 50 degrees today. That’s downright balmy for the end of October!So, now I’ve used up a ridiculous amount of precious space on my free WordPress blog with these fascinating pics… and bored you to death, I’m sure. Thanks for joining Comet and me on our walk today! 😉

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2 Responses to Take a walk with me!

  1. Trish says:

    I loved it! And I can proudly say I have seen all of that in person!

  2. Carrie Hewitt says:

    I love it too Erin. I thought it was fun. Wish I could see it in person someday too!

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