Life after baseball season

Our lives have pretty much revolved around baseball for the last 6 months (just in case you couldn’t tell by my number of baseball-related posts!). Between Pirates games and Damon’s Fall Ball league, it seemed like every day had something to do with baseball!!

And now, suddenly, it’s over. The Pirates are done until April… and, yes, we’re counting down to Opening Day already! We plan to be at PNC Park on April 7th. And, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nick would try to talk me into traveling to Chicago for their first game on April 1st (but I really don’t see that happening!). And, although we have been watching the play-offs, it’s just not the same when you’re watching “other” teams compete. Better than no baseball at all, I suppose, but definitely not the same.

Damon’s Fall league ended a couple of weeks ago, too. He’ll play again this Spring, but until then, it’s a little strange that we don’t have to jet off to practice and/or spend all day Saturday at the field.

I’m sure there should be more to our lives than baseball… but, honestly, I’m feeling a little lost these days. I realize now, even more, how much we all enjoyed baseball season, as a family… how it brought us together these last 6 months! I’m sure we’ll find something to occupy our time this winter (though you shouldn’t expect me to become a hockey or football fan… it’s just not gonna happen!), but I’m already REALLY looking forward to April when the Bucs come back to town! 😉

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