Hour 5 Mini-Challenge: The Books!

I don’t really have a Readathon stack o’ books this time… because I’m probably going to be reading from my ereader most of the day.

Here she is, along with the title page of the book I’m currently reading:


We recently re-vamped our living room, where I had a bookshelf full of books. Now, those books are haphazardly stacked on a shelf in my closet… in no particular order… they’re just thrown in there. I dig through the piles constantly, when I’m looking for something to re-read (because I’ve already read most of these).

It’s kinda scary…

One of these days I’m going to have a new bookshelf in the living room, and my poor books will be organized and pretty again!

Here are some of the books I have loaded on my ereader currently… maybe I’ll get to some of them today (if I ever actually start reading!):

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4 Responses to Hour 5 Mini-Challenge: The Books!

  1. Patti says:

    I’m looking forward to your comments and reviews of the books you read today. I’m sure I’ll have lots of new titles to add to my must-read list! Happy reading. 🙂

  2. Gwen says:

    LOL, it is sort of hard to take a picture of what you are reading when it is an e-reader! No matter, keep it up.

  3. Paulina says:

    I love my Sony e-Reader too! Great photos.

  4. softdrink says:

    1, 2, 3, 4
    Hope your book isn’t a bore
    5, 6, 7, 8
    And your readathon is going great!

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