Search terms are comical

I don’t usually pay much attention to my blog stats… but every now and then, when I’m playing around with my Dashboard, I happen to glance at them. One thing that always amuses me are the search terms that direct people here. It’s always funny to see what people are actually searching for… and sometimes, the fact that those bogus terms bring them HERE is just ridiculous! But, amusing nonetheless!

Here are some of the search terms that brought people to my blog today:

garrett jones naked
james mcdonald autograph
despectable me costumes
who does faythe chose in alpha?
in alpha does faythe choose marc or jace

Garrett Jones naked. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, in both of our dreams, Sweetheart!! Hopefully if she finds that, she’ll come back and let me know where!

James McDonald autograph… Yeah, we got that!

Despectable me costumes… How about Spellcheck?? eeegads. But, Despicable Me was a great movie!

Who does Faythe choose in Alpha? Yeah, you can find that here, too. But, really, you should get the book and find out for yourself first-hand. Reading my spoilers is totally cheating!!

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