OMG, It’s Jonesy!!

I promise there won’t be many more baseball/Pirates posts from me… because the season is almost over, unfortunately! But, there’s no way I could NOT post this one.

Yesterday, I met/talked to/had my picture taken with my very favorite pirate: Garrett Jones. *swoon* I’ve been crushing on Jonesy all season (as evidenced by the thousands of photos I’ve taken of him at the games we’ve attended!), and I was seriously giddy when he actually stopped his car yesterday after the game to sign autographs.

We’ve watched him drive past so many times, with no thought of stopping. And, although my crazy husband did chase him down the street and managed to get a ball signed, yesterday was the first time I actually got to see Jonesy up close. I think I was a little shocked when he actually stopped. I saw him pulling out of the garage and figured he would just cruise on past like he usually does. But, when he saw Nick holding up his Jones jersey, he stopped and rolled down his window. I think at that point I started squealing and jumping up and down.

Somehow I was composed enough to snap this great pic of him, handing Nick his signed jersey.

Usually, I’m just the photographer, while Nick and Damon go chasing after autographs. But I HAD to get up there and talk to Jonesy!!! Luckily, I came prepared… I’d printed a photo of Jonesy (that I took earlier in the season) and brought it along yesterday, just in case. So, after Nick and Damon got their autographs, I grabbed the photo from Nick and waited in line for my own autograph (squeee!).

Jonesy was even cuter up close and out of his uniform. And I was really impressed with how calm and patient he was, while everyone was crowding his car and shoving their memorabilia in his face to get signed. Some of the players seem to get kind of frazzled when they’re out there signing (and it’s no wonder, really!). But Jonesy was great about it.

He cracked up laughing at Nick when Nick was getting his jersey signed and said: “I promise, I’m not going to chase you down the street again!” Then Nick said something like “my wife is probably peeing herself right now because you stopped!” (Another chuckle from Jonesy… yeah, I think he knows us as “those fans” now!)

And, of course, I was the “mother” in the group waiting for autographs. There was a group of boys at the game yesterday, who had the letters to spell out “SKYWALKER” painted on their naked chests (trying to get Neil Walker’s attention, which, unfortunately, totally did NOT work!). They were next to me, and got Jonesy to sign their light sabers, lol. And my comment to them was, “Aren’t you boys COLD???” No, Old Lady, we’re not cold. Duh. I also made sure that the little, bitty boy in front of me got his autograph before I did. No one else seemed to notice the poor little thing (and I don’t think Jonesy could see him, he was so short!), even though he was stretching his little arm and his hat up to have it signed. So, Momma Bear Erin made sure this little guy didn’t get trampled and got his autograph.

I think I was still squealing as I handed him my picture and Sharpie, and I was thinking to myself, “OMG, I just TOUCHED Jonesy’s hand!” Yeah, I have it baaaaaad.

So while he was signing my picture, I asked if I could take a photo with him (Nick was standing off to my side with my camera at the ready). Jonesy said, “yeah, sure!” *swoooon* So love this man. It’s not the greatest picture, but it’s Jonesy… and me. And it’s now my very favorite picture EVER. I’m thinking poster-size… on the Pirates wall in our living room!!

Here’s Nick’s jersey:

Damon got an autograph in his book:

Then went back and got another on his hat (Jonesy’s signature is the 3rd one; others are Jeff Karstens, Jose Tabata, and Charlie Morton):

As we were walking back to the garage after meeting Jonesy, I said to Nick, “I don’t know if I even want to do this [wait for autographs] anymore… because nothing could top today!!”

In other Pirates autograph news… We went to the ballpark early yesterday morning, to see if any of the players would stop for autographs before the game. And, lo and behold, we finally got Andrew McCutchen!! Damon was thrilled!

All of our autograph fun, plus the Bucs won the game… sweeping that series against the Diamondbacks… it was a very good day for Buccos fans! 🙂

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1 Response to OMG, It’s Jonesy!!

  1. Kelli says:

    Hello, Erin!

    I came across your page and I must say that Garrett (Jonesy! lol) is my favorite Pirate, too! I have met him, too, and think he’s an absolute sweetheart…and definitely better looking in person! lol

    I made a website for him that I’m sure you will love, if you haven’t seen it already, at

    Please drop me a line when you get a chance and we can chat about him all day if you want! lol

    Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!

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