Stalking the Pirates, Part 2

I thought yesterday was entertaining… standing outside of the Pirates garage, stalking baseball players after the game, begging for autographs (and getting a few!). But today totally takes the cake!!

Yesterday we never saw my favorite Pirate (I think everyone knows who that is, right??)… I’m sure he drove right past and we just never realized. So, we’d been there for a LONG time today… had gotten 5 or 6 autographs already… but still no Jonesy sightings. I decided that he must sleep on a cot in the locker room because apparently he doesn’t leave the garage… ever.

And not long after I came to that conclusion, I’ll be damned if the garage door didn’t open and a big, black GMC Yukon Denali didn’t drive out with Illinois plates. BINGO!!

Jonesy, however, had absolutely NO plans to stop and sign autographs for the few fans who were left. So, what does my husband do?? He grabs a baseball and starts hauling ass down the street. I had no idea Nick could move that fast. He chased Jones into Pittsburgh traffic, for Pete’s sake (I promise I’m not making this up!). Jonesy finally had to stop at a red light, and when Nick ran up panting, half dead, he rolled the window down (laughing at Nick, of course, after watching this fool sprinting down the street after him). Nick held out his ball and said (gasping and panting), “Can you please sign this… for my wife??” Jonesy said, “Seriously???” (I guess men don’t usually chase him down the street to get autographs for their wives. Huh. Imagine that!) Nick could only shake his head at this point because he could barely breathe, let alone talk. Jonesy said, “That was an incredible effort! Yes, I’ll sign it for you.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us (who are a little more sane than my husband) were waiting back at the garage, watching all of this from afar… and when one of the guys saw Nick handing the ball through the car window, he screamed, “HE GOT IT!!!” And we all started cheering. Funniest thing ever.

I’m only sad that I didn’t get any pics of Jonesy and didn’t get to see him up close and personal myself (this is my new goal in life). But the mental image of this exchange Nick had with him is almost as good. I have been cracking up laughing for hours, every time I think about it. Garrett Jones is probably adding my husband to the “Beware of These Crazy Stalkerish Fans” poster that’s hanging in their clubhouse. (And if they don’t have one of those, they probably should.)

Here are Nick and Damon (who ran after his father, of course… such a great role model, teaching his son to run through city traffic!) at Jonesy’s vehicle, getting the signature (I was zoomed wayyyy in!).

And here’s the ball; Jonesy’s signature is on the bottom. The top one is James McDonald… an autograph that Nick obtained earlier without trying to kill himself!!

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2 Responses to Stalking the Pirates, Part 2

  1. Katie says:

    now that is true love! not everyday a man becomes a stalker of another man for his woman. 🙂 Definitely time to add to that wall!

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