PNC Park Adventures

Yesterday, we took my in-laws to a Pirates game. It was great to be able to share one of our favorite things with them… and, boy, did they get the full experience!!

First of all, we went up early so that Damon could attend an autograph session. He’s a member of the Bucaroos Kids Club, and attending an autograph session is one of the extras. So, Nick and Damon took off for that while the rest of us had a nice leisurely lunch at an outdoor restaurant there on Federal Street.

We met up with Nick and Damon in the Park a little while later… and my usually grumpy son was ALL smiles. He met two of the Pirates… new players Sean Gallagher and Argenis Diaz… got their autographs and, of course, I had threatened Nick that he’d BETTER snap some pics. I was sooo pleased with these awesome photos he took of Damon and the players. Look at Damon’s smiles… so great to see!

They gave Damon this cute little autograph book…

And Sean Gallagher was his first autograph:

Diaz signed a ball for him:

Before the game started, there was a nice tribute to Pirates legend Bill Mazeroski. After the ceremony and unveiling of his statue, they rode him around the Park… very cool because he came RIGHT past us (we had great, front-row seats).

The game itself was actually not that exciting… the Bucs lost, big time… and there were only a few “exciting” moments in the whole game. Still, we always enjoy just being there! I’ll spare you the 100 pics I took during the game… if you’ve seen one shot of Jonesy’s butt, you’ve seen ’em all (yet, I still take a hundred of them at every game, for some reason!).

Here’s my crew… we had our own little row here in Section 1… it was very nice!

But the real excitement for us came AFTER the game. Generally, when the game is over, we rush out of the Park and join the mass exodus across the bridge to the parking garage. Then, we sit in the garage waiting in lines of traffic forever. So, yesterday, we decided to go out a different exit on the other side of the Park and take our time wandering around. We checked out the new Maz statue…

And we noticed the visiting team’s buses and the garage doors on that side… there were a few people standing around waiting, so we joined them… just for kicks. It didn’t take long before the players started driving out. So fun to see them driving cars, like real people… Imagine! Many of them drove on past… some waved. But several of the guys actually stopped and signed autographs for the fans. Very cool!! Damon got another ball signed, a card that he happened to have of one of the players, and several more pages in his new autograph book. Seriously, this kid was in heaven yesterday! šŸ™‚

Dad and Damon were running back and forth getting autographs, and of course, I was snapping photos!

Andy LaRoche and Delwyn Young were one of the first to stop.

While I was snapping pics on Andy’s side of the car, Nick and Damon snuck around and got a couple of autographs from Delwyn…

James McDonald actually came walking out of the garage, which was a little odd. A dozen little kids were screaming his name, holding up balls, but he said he couldn’t stop… he had places to be, apparently.

Daniel McCutchen pulled right up to the waiting fans… and he sat there and signed for the longest time! So awesome!

Jeff Karstens was next…

Then, the highlight of Damon’s day… Jose Tabata.

At that point, they opened up the street again, so we figured it was time to head out. Walking back across the bridge, of course we had to tip our sax man! Avery gets such a kick out of throwing her dollar in his case!

And, last but not least… I had Nick’s mom take some pics of Nick and me… yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of the exact day that we met! So, here we are 11 years later…

Spending our “anniversary” teaching our son how to stalk major league baseball players. Awesome!

So, that was quite the day at the ballpark! And, it was so much fun that we’re going back today.

Oh… and here are the two new balls from today on our Pirates wall at home. I think we’re going to need a bigger wall soon… we definitely need another ball shelf!

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2 Responses to PNC Park Adventures

  1. Diane says:

    Wow! That Argenis Diaz is ca-ute!
    I know you were happy to see Damon so happy. Congratulations on having such a great day!

  2. carla says:

    OMG E HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick is a KEEPER!

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