A beautiful Saturday

Again, we spent our Saturday at the ball field, watching Damon’s game.

However, two things made this week’s game different from the last few weeks… For one, we had absolutely GORGEOUS weather today. The temps were in the 60s (a good 30 degrees cooler than last week’s game!), the skies were blue, and there was a lovely breeze. And, second, Nick’s mom and stepdad are here visiting us this weekend, so we were happy to have their company (and help cheering!).

Our team played the #1 team in the league today, so we weren’t very hopeful going into it… but, we stayed ahead of them the entire game, surprisingly enough! Until the very last inning, when the other team managed to pull ahead by the skin of their teeth. They won with a score of 11-10. Still, a great game… we were so proud of the boys!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

Tomorrow, we’re heading into Pittsburgh for the Pirates game… to see how the pros do it! We’re looking forward to sharing one of our favorite summertime activities with Grandma Chris and Grandpa Jay. Again, it’s supposed to be a beautiful day… and I’m sooo looking forward to a day at PNC Park with some of my favorite people!!

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