More Baseball

My life is slowly but surely turning into one long baseball game.

Today, we spent the ENTIRE day (seriously, like almost 6 hours) at the ball field for Damon’s games (every Saturday during Fall Ball, they play a double-header… and it’s loooong and hot and exhausting!).

Today’s first game was sort of a nightmare. Damon had some great hits but never actually got the chance to score. And then he tried to catch a couple of innings. The coach asked him to catch, he didn’t want to, but I kind of insisted… I missed the one game he caught last week, and I wanted to see him behind the plate. Bad idea. He didn’t make it through a full inning before he had a huge meltdown. It was NOT pretty. I won’t go into detail here, but we definitely will have something to discuss with his therapist Monday afternoon! Lordy.

By the second game, he’d fully recovered from that… and he had some AWESOME hits… AND scored. So, at least he left the field, and the day, with a smile on his face. It is really great to see the boys out there, learning and working together, and LOVING the game when they’re doing well and having a good time. We have wonderful coaches this year, too, which makes it a lot more enjoyable for a Momma Bear on the sidelines!

Without further ado, here are some photos I snapped at today’s game (where I sat in direct sunlight for 5+ hours and absolutely roasted as I cheered the boys on; I’m a lovely shade of lobster tonight!).

Heading to the field.

See the water in the background? That’s the lovely Ohio River. This field sits right on the river; it’s gorgeous!

Warming up.

On first base.


And then, after all that… because we apparently hadn’t had ENOUGH baseball for one day… we came home and spent the rest of our night watching the Pirates game. It just ended a little bit ago. And this mom has definitely had enough baseball now. At least until tomorrow…

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