She’s got spirit!

Avery came home from school yesterday with her hand on her hip, pointer finger pointing, saying, “Mom, I HAVE to wear red and black to school tomorrow… my teacher said!” All I can figure is that they’re brainwashing the elementary kids, teaching them that high school football is worth worshiping, and asking them to wear red/black to show support for our local high school and their first home football game tonight.

(Clearly I’m not from ’round here, and I’m a little skeptical about this high school football culture, but I play along.)

Luckily, Avery just happened to have a red t-shirt in her drawer… a school shirt handed down by her brother last year. So, perfect, Avery can show support for both the high school AND her school. How darling.

She also asked for pig tails. And ribbons. So, she left for school looking like a little cheerleader-wannabe. And she is red. Boy, is she red!! (Her book bag is even red and black.)

She was all about school spirit, but not so thrilled to see my camera come out. Forced smile, anyone??

Her brother, of course, refused to partake in such nonsense… no red and black for him.

How about a little friendly fight at the bus stop. It just wouldn’t be a day without one or six of those.

And… See ya, Mom… gotta go!!!

Oh, and… Good luck to the Weir Red Riders tonight! 🙂

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