My First and Fourth Graders

They would never admit it if you asked, but I know Damon and Avery were both excited about returning to school this morning.

Avery picked her own outfit. It’s, ummm, interesting. But I know for a fact that an outfit of her own choosing COULD have been a lot worse! So, we went with it. I’m on a mission to avoid lice this school year (which is probably going to be nearly impossible)… so Avery’s hair was pulled back (she requested braids, of course!) and hairsprayed to death. With any luck, she’ll return home with her hair still in braids; she’s famous for ripping her hair down because “it itches!!!!” Bugs itch worse… I keep trying to convince her of that! And, Avery’s book bag today is one that I used when I was in college… a lifetime ago!

Damon is sporting his new chest protector backpack that he got at the Pirates game Sunday (maybe Damon’s favorite promotional item this year… he’s gotten lots of them!). And he’s wearing a new outfit that Grandma got him, just for school. Surprisingly enough he actually likes the outfit and agreed to wear it today when I made the suggestion… seriously out of character for him to be so agreeable! True to character, however, he was not thrilled to pose for his dorky mom’s camera this morning. I’m still not sure HOW I managed to get this one pic of him smiling.

On the porch, ready to head to the bus stop.

Walking to the bus stop.

At the bus stop down the street, with Trinity (another fourth grader who lives down the road).

YAY, the bus! I love to see that big, yellow school bus coming!

Their first day is half over now. The school bus will bring them home 2 hours earlier than usual this afternoon. But, tomorrow will be a full day. Hours and hours and hours of peace and quiet. Ahhhh, I love school! 🙂

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One Response to My First and Fourth Graders

  1. Tami says:

    Ah….how I loved those days. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” 🙂 Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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