I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my amazing talent…

The roads here are often full of pot holes… pot holes that will swallow your car whole if you’re not careful to avoid them. We don’t pay attention to those yellow lines in the middle of a road around here; they mean nothing. It’s more imperative that you swerve all over the road to avoid having your car eaten by a pot hole. (And that will totally be my defense the first time I’m arrested for driving under the influence!!)

So, apparently, if I voice a complaint (to Nick, not to anyone who really matters) about the state of a section of road, the Road Crew Gods hear me… and it won’t be long until they come along to fill a hole or pave that section of road. This has happened numerous times in the last two years, I swear. Sometimes this telepathic communication takes longer than others (I’m still working on the K-Mart/Busy Beaver parking lot problem… they’re being REALLY stubborn about that one!!).

A few days ago, I was walking Comet around our block… and coming back down the alley behind our house, I thought to myself (didn’t even VOICE it, just had this one little thought float through my mind), “Geeez, this alley is in rough shape! I wish they’d pave this sucker!” The alley is bad… really bad. And, although we don’t use the alley (other than to walk the dog), the majority of the people on our street and the street behind us DO drive up and down this alley, each and every day to get to their driveways/garages. So, when I’m a little terrified of injuring myself (or losing a dog) on FOOT, I really can’t imagine how these vehicles manage!

The Road Crew Gods were pretty quick to answer this time. Just this morning they were out there fixing pot holes up and down the alley. (Really, I should get paid for this!)

But, I can’t help but think it would’ve been easier to just pave the whole darn thing. Instead they filled each and every hole… how goofy is this?

It looks even more ridiculous (and like it’s still a pretty rough ride!) from my perch up here on the second floor, looking down on the whole thing.

But, ehhh, it’s progress! I’ll have to work on honing my skills.

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One Response to Telepathy

  1. Trish says:

    LOL I was just there 🙂 They did a good job and I use that “good” very loosely HAHAHAHA!

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