Morning News

This week Nick and I are trying something new. Instead of waking up with just enough time to get everyone up and where they need to be (like we’ve always done), we’re setting our alarm an hour earlier and embracing the morning (totally against my nature to use the words “embrace” and “morning” in the same sentence). He gets out of bed before I do and fixes my coffee (because he’s an angel) and lures me out of bed with that. We have time to sit around and chat, drink coffee, and wake up before Nick has to leave for work and before the kids have to get out of bed and start their day.

One other thing that we’re adding to our routine is watching the news each morning. This is pretty huge for me because I am NOT a news watcher. I never have a clue what’s going on in the world, unless it’s posted on Twitter or Facebook (in which case, I can’t escape it if I try!). And I’m pretty sure that my husband is even more clueless than I am about the world around him.

I haven’t yet decided which news program I prefer… we’ve been flipping back and forth between Good Morning America and the Today Show, I think. It seems they have the same content, so I guess you decide which anchors you’d rather look at for an hour??

So, here are some of the things I learned and/or my (thrilling) commentary on today’s news stories:

  • Don’t eat eggs for breakfast.
  • I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that it’s going to take 3-4 MONTHS to rescue the trapped miners in Chile. I get that they’re a half mile underground and digging conditions will be treacherous and all… but still. Four months is a very long time. Four days sounds like an eternity when you imagine the conditions they’re living in down there. Four months?!?! Doesn’t compute for me.
  • Tiger and Elin are divorced. Hurray! (And, who really cares about this??) Elin is now a very rich lady. One hundred million… huh. That might be worth a little broken heart.
  • Really? Fifty thousand dollars a week for the president’s vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard?? FIFTY THOUSAND dollars so that they can sit and play Taboo and watch DVDs while it rains? (I was rather fascinated that they reported which board game the Obamas were playing.)
  • It is going to be wicked hot in Phoenix today. I’m extremely grateful that I don’t live anywhere near Phoenix. They can keep their 110+-degree days… the mid-70s that we’re experiencing this week are perfect!

So, that’s pretty much all I absorbed from this morning’s news. Mostly, I’m reminded that the news is rather depressing and there’s a reason I don’t watch it regularly. But, on the flip side, it is kind of nice to feel aware/informed… I guess.

Early mornings, coffee, and the news. Does this mean I’m officially getting old??

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One Response to Morning News

  1. Emily says:

    Your story was quite comical…I LOVE watching the news (The Today Show is my preference these days) and drinking coffee. Does that make me old? LOL

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