Running out of patience!

I’ve been fighting with my favorite 6 year old all week. Why?? Because her room looks like a tornado recently blew through, and for some insane reason, the diva is refusing to clean it.

First of all, I’m a little puzzled… because Avery is not usually the one we have to fight with to get her room cleaned. Damon, on the other hand, is one of the laziest children I’ve ever known, and acts like lifting one finger might kill him. However, earlier this week when we started on them about cleaning their rooms, Damon waltzed into his room without a single objection and walked back out again an hour later, leaving a CLEAN room behind. It was a little shocking and I had to sit down for a minute to compose myself.

But, you know, if it’s not one, it’s the other. My children apparently live by that rule. Avery, who is usually the one who happily cleans/organizes her room has been fighting me on this for DAYS. And I’m not sure why. Her room is no worse than it usually is when we decide it’s cleaning time. She’s done this a million times before, with absolutely no trouble. But now, suddenly, it’s an impossible task for her??

I’ve taken away just about everything from her… she can’t play video games, she can’t watch tv/movies… heck, she’s not even allowed to sit and watch her brother play video games!! She didn’t get to play Risk with the rest of us last night. I can’t exactly take away her vacation next week, because I’m sure as heck not missing out on that! But I have told her that, if her room isn’t clean, she’s not going to do anything “fun” on vacation… no beach, no fair, no horseback riding, NO “extras” at all. Tomorrow night, the kids have been invited to a pool party that Nick is DJing… so, I told Avery that she’ll go to the party, but she’ll sit and watch all of the other kids swim. Unless her room is clean, there will be no swimming for her. I thought she would be HORRIFIED and run into her room with a can of Pledge. Her response: “Ehhh, I don’t like that pool, anyway.”

WHO is this mutant, stubborn 6 year old, and what has she done with my Avery??

I’m really running out of ideas here… I can’t beat her into cleaning her room. I don’t know how many more things there are for me to “take away” (and she doesn’t seem phased by that, anyway!). Maybe she’ll clean for food??

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2 Responses to Running out of patience!

  1. Trish says:

    Go in with a big trash bag & take all the stuff on the floor and “throw” it away. She can earn them back. 🙂

  2. MommaC says:

    Gramma Chris would be VERY happy if she’d clean her room. It’ll be a sad thing if she can’t go with everyone on the adventures we’ll have!

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