Summer Derby, Day Two

Day two of the Derby was another success! And, of course I took a few more pics! 😉

The track:

The line at the Inspection Table:

The Sno Cone machine!!

The Finish Line:

Damon accepting his First Place trophy for Friday night’s Friends and Family race:

Avery accepting her First Place trophy for Saturday’s Girl Scouts Race:

And… Damon again! He got First Place for Saturday’s Scout Race, too.

Here are all of our winners… First, Second, and Third place for all three races:

And here’s Avery… at home, zonked out after the race… curled up with her trophy.

Nick and I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening feeling relieved that the Derby was finally over! This is something we’ve been working on, along with our wonderful Derby Committee, since the beginning of the year. And it’s ALL we’ve been working on for the last week or two. Now, we can take a small break from it before we start planning next year’s event!!

We’ve learned so much from our experiences this year… what to do, what not to do… next year’s race is going to be bigger and even better! So, you should all come visit Weirton the weekend of July 22nd next year. You’re all officially invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Summer Pinewood Derby’s Friends and Family race! 😉

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One Response to Summer Derby, Day Two

  1. Katie says:

    oh, it is all over and look at your kiddos taking the first place trophies. Go Damon & Avery!

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