Summer Pinewood Derby, Day 1

This evening’s race would have been perfect… without the heat. I really, honestly don’t think I’ve ever been out in that kind of heat for that amount of time (and tomorrow is going to be hotter and we’ll be out longer, ughhhh!). But, other than the God-awful heat, tonight was pretty fantastic!

Here’s a view of the track and our little Derby “area” that we had set up outside of the church tonight. One thing that I didn’t get a good picture of (but will tomorrow!) is the Sno Cone machine!! It’s on the table to the left with the red cover… it was definitely one of the highlights of tonight’s event! It was so hot, and at one point, I think EVERY single person out there had a Sno Cone that they were chowing on!

The car table, where the cars are parked after they’ve been registered and inspected… waiting to race!

Here’s Damon, placing his car for the first race.

Avery, getting ready to race her “bling” car.

And, before this particular race, we had to track her down… she was inside cooling off in the A/C and sucking on her ring pop. I cracked up laughing when she went to place her car on the track and had this big, honkin’ ring pop on her finger. Diva.

The nine cars in the bottom row here are the cars that Nick made for our Gold Sponsor race. Each of these local businesses or individuals donated at least $100 in support of our Derby this weekend. GPC Contracting (the second car from the right) was our Gold Sponsor 1st Place car tonight!

Damon’s car actually came in FIRST place overall tonight; he was so proud. I know he’ll be excited to receive that trophy tomorrow! Here he is, with a big, proud, cheesy grin. And look at those red cheeks! It was so gosh darn hot out there!

I love this picture of some of our Leaders preparing to race the sponsor cars. Jim (on the right) was so proud… he’s attended many Derbys and built many Derby cars with/for his kids, but he’s never actually raced a car himself until tonight.

Oh, and here’s the cute little program that I was making at midnight last night. Of course, tonight, at the registration table, I kept forgetting to hand them out!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll remember that…

I had all intentions of coming home and working tonight… but that heat absolutely wiped me out! I have just about NO energy left… and we have to be back at the church for Day Two of the Derby at 8am tomorrow morning! If I don’t melt into a puddle in the heat, I’ll be back with more pics of the main event tomorrow night.

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2 Responses to Summer Pinewood Derby, Day 1

  1. MommaC says:

    Makes me very proud of my son and his wife. Give hugs to the kiddies for me. Glad you survived the heat!

  2. MommaC says:

    And give special congrats to Damon!

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