Busy and Hot!!

Another week has gotten away from me… and no blogging. Wow. Someone should give me the Worst Blogger award!

This week I’ve been pretty scarce online because I’m working on another book project. It’s soooo much harder to concentrate and get work done with the kids home all day every day! I know I worked with them underfoot for years, but I’ve been really spoiled these past two years with them both in school. So, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m currently counting the days ’til school is back in session… I think we’re at 33 more days!

Also, Nick is keeping me busy helping with his Summer Pinewood Derby project. That definitely deserves it’s own post, but basically my husband decided that one Pinewood Derby each year was not enough. So, he organized and got approval for a summer race event. We’ve been preparing for this for months, and the race weekend is now here! This evening we’re having the Friends and Family race, open to just about anyone. And, tomorrow is the main event: the Scout race.

Please say a prayer that we don’t melt in this horrid heat!! Like most of the country, we’re under a Heat Advisory this weekend… so it’s not really a great time to hold a huge, outdoor event! So, we’ll see how that works…

In other news, the kids just finished a week of Vacation Bible School. Although we don’t attend church (even though I’m always saying that we’re going to… “one of these days”), the kids have been to this church several times for different youth group activities. So, when their VBS came around, I decided they should go… to get out of the house for a few hours each day, if nothing else!! Last night was the conclusion of VBS, and the kids put on a little music program for the parents. Of course, Damon decided he didn’t want to go. Even though I told him he didn’t have to perform, that he could sit in the audience with me, he still refused to go. And, Nick was busy building Derby cars last night. So, Avery and I went to VBS.

I was so looking forward to watching Avery sing and dance… she’s such a diva, and she always makes me smile. Imagine my shock when she refused to join the other kids on stage!! I really thought she was pulling my leg. Avery doesn’t have a shy bone in her body… but, for whatever reason, last night she decided she didn’t want to perform. So, I enjoyed watching everyone else’s children singing and dancing and praising God. I was so disappointed… I had my camera ready so that I could torture you guys with pics and everything! The diva did not deliver. But… they did serve cookies afterward! I enjoyed the cookies immensely.

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