This day in history

History of my blog, that is…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I blogged last, ACK! I made a promise to myself (and my three readers!) that I was going to be a better, more frequent blogger. I’m failing miserably!!!!

Right now my head is full of medical terms/abbreviations and nitpicky style issues from the Chicago Manual of Style. I’m up to my eyeballs in journal work, plus I have a book project due next week. So, there’s no room in my brain for original blog content today. I thought it might be fun (fun for me, anyway, and I’m taking you along for the ride) to look back at this day/week in the years since I started this blog, to see what was going on in my world then.

July 2009. Apparently I was an awesome blogger last year!! Although I didn’t post on July 16th, I did make THREE posts on July 17th. What the …? Where did that groovy blogger go??? First was a Dear So-and-So post, in which I wondered where the house-cleaning fairies were hiding, whined about getting insane amounts of collection calls for someone I’ve never met (and I’m pretty sure has never lived with me), and wanted to throw my scale out the window. Next up, I wished my cousin Carrie’s dollbaby, Addie, a happy 2nd birthday and posted some cute, cute pics of her from our visit to Georgia last June. (Which means that tomorrow must be Addison’s 3rd birthday! Happy early birthday, Addie Leigh!!!!!!) And, lastly, I was full of wonder when I looked at my own baby girl… and her Strawberry Shortcake tattoos… and my filthy bathroom mirror.

July 2008. Two years ago today, I was blogging about my experiences with depression and the roller coaster I’ve been on since my first postpartum diagnosis almost a decade ago. This has always been one of my favorite posts. I’m not sure why, other than the fact that I really just put myself all out there (for all three of you!). And also because depression and its treatment are things that I feel very strongly about, as a result of these experiences. Nothing frustrates me more than someone who has never experienced the throes of depression — and the desperation that comes along with it — making judgments about those of us who choose medication every day. As far as I’m concerned, that’s ignorance at its finest. But, I digress… I’m pleased to report that today, 2 years after this post, I’m still crazy as a loon and still medicating. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson: I’m never going to be cured and I’ll probably always need pharmaceutical help to get through each day. And, honestly, I’m perfectly happy with that, for now.

July 2007. Three years ago, we had just returned from our first family camping trip! Fun!!! Oddly enough, we’re planning to camp tonight, too… in our backyard. Not exactly the same thing, but close! The photos in this post just amaze me… my kids are HUGE now, compared with those babies!! Damon looks like a totally different person. Avery is the same sassy diva today, just a few sizes bigger!

July 2006. We’re about a week off on this one… but four years ago (next week), we were in Ocean City with my family, celebrating Gram’s 80th birthday. My family rarely gets together all in one place these days, so I enjoyed looking back at these photos and remembering a fun day with them. Again, all of the kids have grown and changed so much since then!! I wish I could be there next week to celebrate Gram’s 84th birthday with her… but, I’ll be sending her lots of love through the phone instead.

And, I wasn’t blogging yet in July 2005, so that’s where this trip down Memory Lane will end for today! Thanks for coming along with me! 🙂

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One Response to This day in history

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Erin! She’s going to have a good day. I love your new header! I never get to see it since I use bloglines, but since I wanted to comment, I came on over to your blog. Have fun camping tonight!

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