4th of July

We had a pretty low-key holiday this 4th. My mom and a friend of hers came over for an afternoon cook-out… hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, sweet corn, and yummy strawberry shortcakes. (Damon and I had leftovers for brunch today!)

After that excitement, I took a late-afternoon/early-evening nap. I woke up when Avery came running in my room, screaming, “MOM! Major emergency!!!! Lizzie got out!” Oh, dear. We’ve certainly never had THIS type of an emergency before, have we?? *insert rolling eyes here*

Nick took off in the car to chase down the rat dog… so, I went outside to see what the kids were up to and found that Nick had set up a little fire pit in our backyard. He and the kids were preparing to roast marshmallows, make S’mores… all sorts of redneck goodness that we’ve all really missed since our Maryland days! In Maryland, we lived in the middle of a cornfield… and “fire pit” doesn’t really even begin to describe what we had in our yard. We roasted furniture frequently. We had to warn the local fire departments when we were planning to have a bonfire, so that they would know our fire was actually a “controlled burn,” not the pyrotechnic accident it appeared to be!

But, oddly enough, now that we live in West Virginia, we can’t do such things. We live “in town,” where a controlled burn as tall as the house is generally frowned upon.

Our new, little fire ring is not all that exciting. But, it gets the job done… we had some yummy marshmallows/S’mores last night!

Nick also found some 3-year-old bottle rockets that he decided to torture the dogs with. I really thought Lizzie was going to have a heart attack before he was done. And, Comet is just dumb enough that he thought he could chase them down and play Fetch.

Nick is now throwing around the idea of making a little patio/seating area out back around this fire ring. So, maybe next 4th of July we’ll have something more impressive to show off!

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