Facebook and Twitter Bits?

I’ve really been struggling with making regular blog posts lately. And I’m pretty sure it’s because I spend a large chunk of time every day posting whatever comes to my dull, little mind on Facebook and Twitter. My daddy, in all his profound wisdom, tells me that Facebook is a poor replacement for my blog. I can only assume it’s because my status updates on Facebook are so brief… and, Lord knows, I have so much awesomeness to share when it comes to most topics!

So, I’m going to try an experiment for a few days and see how this works. It’s my plan to grab some of my updates from Facebook and Twitter and recap them here… adding extra, blog-exclusive commentary, of course. See, this is such a win-win situation for all involved. My dad gets a new blog post every day (and won’t have to feel obligated to check in via Facebook since he detests Facebook so much!), and I get to ramble incessantly like you know I love to do! Seriously, that 140-character limit on Twitter… KILLS. ME.

Let’s try a few from today… just to see how this might work, shall we?

I almost don’t believe this… I only posted ONE status update on Facebook today?? Was I not feeling well? (Of course, I did make at least 20 comments on my friends’ status updates and photos, etc.!)

Alrighty then. My one, lonely status update today was this gem, posted at 11:30-ish tonight:

Dogs are such ridiculous creatures. Does it really matter which blade of grass they pee on?? Is it really necessary to sniff the same patch of grass (that you’ve been sniffing ten times a day for the last 2.5 years) 87 times, turn around in 9 circles, and sniff a few more times for good measure before you decide to relieve yourself? Seriously, his life is too short for all of that!!

This one is pretty self-explanatory, right? I took Comet out tonight for his last potty opportunity of the day, and the dog took FOREVER. And I stood on the porch, shivering a little (because it’s chilly in the hills at night!) and swatting bugs away, wondering, why on earth is this animal so particular?!?! It’s grass. You pee on this same grass fifty times a day. Pee now. There. No, right THERE; yeah, that’s a great spot!! And just when I thought he was going to actually do something, he changed his mind again. Holy Mary, Mother of God. These animals try my patience… they really do. I’m so grateful that, as a human, I don’t have to agonize over where to relieve myself. I can reserve that brain power for something more important. Whew!!

How about some tweets… I won’t list the times for each tweet, but they’re in reverse order, from tonight through this morning.

Have read the same sentence of this ms. five times… looking for a verb. Really, it’s just not there! And I have no clue what it should be. [I read the sentence a dozen more times, determined to find that pesky verb that must’ve been hiding. But, it just wasn’t there. I eventually supplied my own verb and queried the author. I hate having to query the author, but sometimes it’s necessary. Sigh.]

My husband has to be up for work at 1am… I’m sorry, but isn’t that just a LITTLE absurd?!?! [Well? Isn’t it?? Nick goes to work early quite a bit… when he’s covering someone else’s delivery route for the day or when he has to go on a little road trip to pick up kegs from a brewery, or whatever. But, “early” usually means he leaves the house at 5am. On really crazy days, he leaves at 4am. But tomorrow (today now!), he has to leave home at 1am. He has to be in Huntington, WV (which is on the other side of the WORLD from here) by 7am. As I type this, my clock reads 12:57am, so Nick should be rolling out any second now. Insanity. Feel sorry for him today!]

I don’t know why I look forward to PayDay so much. The money leaves almost as quickly as it comes in!! Then there’s sadness again. [Blah. Story of my life. Never enough money; always too many bills. Oh well. I know it could be worse, much worse. I’m grateful that Nick got paid today and we had the money to pay most of the bills. Most is good in my world!]

Attempting to create an invoice for a client using their new online invoicing system. Not feeling very confident here… [Actually, it wasn’t that hard. And it’s a lot more convenient to use this new Web-based system, rather than having to create an invoice in Word and then e-mail it to my project managers, blah blah blah. Now, it’s all done with the click of a mouse. It’s nifty. And submitting invoices is one of my favorite parts of my job!]

Haven’t had coffee in several days. Really wishing I had some right about now! See a trip to the store in the near future. [Didn’t go to the store. Sucked it up and had a cold Dr. Pepper instead. But I wish I had some coffee for tomorrow morning. Note to self: Go to store; get coffee!]

It’s a good day when I’m caught up enough w/work that I don’t have to “hide” from my work email. [Oh, that’s the best kind of day for me!! I’m almost always “behind,” so I avoid my work e-mail quite frequently. It’s my goal to stay ahead of my work enough this month so that I won’t have to avoid the work e-mail. I think I can, I think I can…]

Hmmm. That was kind of fun… for me, anyway. Don’t tell me if you hate my new Facebook/Twitter Bits idea. Give it a day or two and then re-evaluate. And, even then, don’t tell me if you hate it (unless you’re my dad, because I know he won’t hesitate to tell me what he really thinks!). I’m sure I will end up tweaking this idea quite a bit before I settle on something I’m happy with. But, it’s a blog post… that’s a start!

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One Response to Facebook and Twitter Bits?

  1. MommaC says:

    I, for one, LOVE this idea. Since I don’t twitter (it was just toooooooo overwhelming), I love being able to see these little bits of your day!

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