A Witschey-Kinda Evening

Nick’s brother and his wife (and their two dogs) traveled to West Va. (from their home in Connecticut) this week for a family funeral. After the funeral yesterday, they followed Nick up the river to our house and stayed overnight for a visit. Because AJ and Amber live so far away, we don’t get to see them very often… so this was quite a treat!!

We spent most of the evening sitting around watching the doggy drama unfolding in our living room. AJ and Amber’s yorkies (Molli and Houdini) didn’t quite know what to think of Lizzie the Rat Dog. It was rather amusing to see dogs half Lizzie’s size snapping at her and putting her in her place… for once, Lizzie was NOT the alpha dog. And, I don’t think she knew exactly what to think of that!!

Lizzie spent most of the evening looking crazed, like this:

The Witschey boys (Nick, AJ, and Damon) did the Witschey Boy thing and sat at the kitchen table building with Legos for hours. Somehow I missed that photo opp!

Molli finally got comfortable, literally, in the laundry basket:

When it was time for bed, we brought the kids’ mattresses out to the living room, and they had a big slumber party with Uncle AJ and Aunt Amber (again, I missed the photo opp!).

AJ and Amber (and their canines) headed off bright and early this morning. We weren’t too terribly sad to say goodbye… only because we’ll be seeing them again very soon, when we all get together in Deep Creek this August for the Witschey/Casnelli/Marshall/Haynes annual summer vacation. Two visits in one summer is pretty spectacular for this widespread family!!

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