Ten for Tuesday

I don’t know if this is a real meme somewhere… probably. But I’m too lazy to look it up and officially join, if so. I’m going to unofficially do my own “Ten for Tuesday” post today, just because I feel like it. (Ooooooh, I am a rebel, no?)

I’ve been posting in various places lately about my dislike of summer. And, “dislike” is putting it mildly. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing me whine… so, I’m going to list here the top ten things I dislike about summer, and then I’m going to attempt to cease complaining (publicly, anyway).

The Top Ten Things I Dislike (Greatly) About Summer

  1. My children are home from school. I’m not sure this one really needs an explanation (but you should know by now that I can’t say much without offering an explanation). I’ve spent a lot of years with a child, or two, underfoot 24 hours a day. But, miraculously, I made it to the point where both of my kids go to school full-time. And I’m home alone, in heavenly peace and quiet (save a couple of annoying canines), for approximately 6 hours each day, Monday thru Friday. Then, along comes summer… and, bam, peace and quiet GONE. It’s hard not to resent that.
  2. I hate being hot. I’ve always hated heat. I don’t know why anyone would welcome 90-degree days with 85% humidity and no breeze to be found, anywhere. How could anyone ever find that enjoyable?? It’s a mystery to me. Luckily for me (and for everyone around me), we do have central air… so I pretty much just stay holed up inside, enjoying the cool (electric bill be damned… it’s worth every copper penny!).
  3. Bugs annoy me. We have a lovely little porch, where we spend countless evening hours… just sitting, enjoying being outside (when it isn’t 95 degrees out, that is!). But this time of year, the bugs are enough to make a person crazy. My legs are covered with bug bites that itch me to death daily… and I don’t even spend MUCH time out there (see #2). Bugs are annoying. I enjoy bug-free winters, thankyouverymuch.
  4. “Mommy, I’m bored!!!!!” This kinda goes along with #1, I realize, but I still think it deserves it’s very own place in my list. Every mother’s least favorite three words, I’d bet. And I hear them PLENTY during the summer. I’m so sorry that I’m not a three-ring circus and that it is NOT my goal in life to keep my offspring entertained every second of every Godforsaken summer day. Do they not realize that that’s precisely why there are TWO of them??
  5. The pool. We have a wonderful public pool here in town. Sometimes I think I’m grateful for that… when we lived in Maryland, there was no such thing as a public pool, let alone a “nice” public pool. So, it’s pretty nifty that we have one. But, I’m already sick to death of the pool. Getting to the pool is a production. Then, once we get there, I have an Avery Leech hanging on me the entire time. And I have to keep one eye on Damon… even though he’s a pretty decent swimmer, I’m still paranoid enough that I don’t like to lose sight of  him in a crowded pool. I envy the moms who take a book along and lounge at the pool, reading, while their kids are left to their own devices. I’m not sure I’ll ever be THAT mom, though. Paranoid and all.
  6. The sun is not our friend. I’m white as a ghost, and my children seem to take after me (lucky them). When we venture out to the pool or a baseball game or the playground, etc., I have to spend a half hour lathering my children in sunscreen. And I almost always miss a spot, or two, so we still have to deal with sunburn a lot during the summer. Another reason to stay holed up in the air-conditioned house for a few months.
  7. This one should have been higher on my list… I hate the fact that we have no set routine during the summer. Not that we’re GREAT about following a schedule/routine during the school year, but we do make more of an attempt… and have a little success, I think. I’m a night owl by nature, so the summer months are very, very bad for me. When I know I don’t have to get up at 7am and get two children ready for school and start my day, I’m much more apt to stay up half the night. Although it IS nice to be able to sleep in, I really don’t enjoy having my days and nights confused.
  8. I miss evenings! I know most people love when the time changes in the Spring and our days start to get longer, we can enjoy more time outside, blah blah blah. I hate it. I cheer when the time changes in the Fall and it starts getting dark at 4:30pm. During the summer, I feel like we have no evening. It goes from day to bedtime… and there’s nothing in between. I think evenings are a good bridge between night and day… a nice time for the family to reconnect and calm down/prepare for bed, etc. I love long evenings.
  9. Yard work. It might seem a little strange that this is on my list… because I’ve never done yard work a day in my life. But, my husband spends countless hours during the summer cutting the darn grass. At least twice a week we lose Nick to the yard and the riding lawnmower (or grasscutter as my friend Trish would say, lol). I love when it gets colder and the grass gets covered up with leaves and/or snow, and no one thinks about yard work for a few months.
  10. Summer makes me miss Maryland. This is a fairly recent addition to my list of things to hate about summer. The majority of the time, I’m thrilled to be where I am; I think moving away from Maryland was a great thing for our family and I don’t regret that decision. But, it’s hard during the summer months to hear about all of my friends spending days at the beach, eating steamed crabs for dinner, taking a stroll down the boardwalk, etc. I definitely feel more homesick this time of year. Although, I just remind myself of the annoying summer tourists who take over and the traffic on the Shore in June… and then I’m not QUITE so homesick for it!! Still, I could go for a bushel of crabs right about now.

So, there you have it. Ten reasons to hate summer.

And, now, I will attempt to quit complaining about this season that the majority of people seem to love. I’m happy for you all, really. Now I’m going to attempt my reverse hibernation… see you in September! 😉

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2 Responses to Ten for Tuesday

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  2. Trish says:

    Hmmm a very interesting post! And you had me laughing which is always a good thing. But still, I must disagree..bwahahahaha! Love ya Momma!


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