Slice of Life: Friday Night

9:35 pm

Me (to Damon and Avery): Hey, Guys… I’m gonna hop in the shower real quick.

Damon (looking totally bewildered that I would make this announcement, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve made this announcement before almost every shower I’ve taken in the last 9 years): Ohhhhh-kay… Well, is something major gonna happen afterward???

Me: Ummmm, no. I’m just going to get clean… I guess maybe that’s pretty “major.”

So, I spent my entire 6.5-minute shower pondering this exchange. I’m really not sure why Damon thought it was so strange for me to tell them I was taking a shower. Really, I do this all the time. Nick is working tonight… it’s just me and the kids at home. I’m going to be “indisposed” in the shower for a few minutes, so I figure it’s a good thing to let the children know. You know, in case someone breaks a bone or bloodies something or catches something on fire… at least they’ll know that it’ll be a few minutes before Mighty Mom can fly in and save the day.

Damon has never seemed surprised when I’ve announced my plans to bathe in the past. So I started thinking that maybe it’s just one more sign that the kids are growing up on me. Whereas a few years ago I would’ve had to schedule my shower a few hours ahead of time, to make sure that someone else (i.e., Nick) was there to watch the kids like a hawk… now, it really doesn’t matter when I get a shower. The kids are totally fine, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Now, they don’t CARE when I’m showering. Wow. I really never thought I’d see the day.

So, these are my thoughts while I’m in the shower. I’ve concluded that my kids need me less and less every day. Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, and another part of me wants to cry.

Then, I get out of the shower, 6.5 minutes later, and before I can throw the shower curtain back, I hear this:

Avery (sounding panic-stricken): Damon? Where’s Mommy????

And, 2.4 seconds later, before I can even dry off, Avery busts open the bathroom door (nearly bloodying my nose in the process).

Avery (still panicking, taking deep breaths, looking like someone just chopped the head off of her favorite  Barbie): Mommy!! My skin is peeling!!! (Holds up her index finger.) See, right here??? (I don’t see anything… okay, maybe the skin near her cuticle is a little red??)

Me (standing in the bathroom, still dripping wet): What, Ave? Your fingernail??

Avery (still hyperventilating, shaking her head up and down): Uh huh!

Me (wondering how I can fool her into thinking that I’m actually concerned about this): Okay… ummm… do you want a Band-Aid?? (Thank God for Band-Aids!!)

Avery: Uh huh!!!

So, still dripping wet, barely even wrapped up in my towel, I grab the First Aid kit out of the bathroom closet and bandage Avery’s finger. She resumes normal breathing, and all is right in Avery’s world again.

And, instead of feeling annoyed that, “damn, I couldn’t even get 10 minutes of interrupted time to finish my friggin’ shower!” Instead of that, I find myself smiling. Because, even though they’re growing up and they become a little more independent every day and they act bewildered when I announce my plans to shower… even so, they still need their mommy.

And, all is right in my world again. 😉

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6 Responses to Slice of Life: Friday Night

  1. Sara says:

    awww, they still need their mommy
    and I couldn’t help but laugh…I announce every time I take a shower too lol

  2. Daddy/Grampy says:

    I think I still announce showers — I’m so proud of myself whenever I muster up enough energy to do ANYTHING positive!

  3. Trish says:

    Erin I love this post, because I do the same thing. Adam is getting to where he doesn’t need me as much and I the same as you, cry inside. Lord what am I going to do when September comes…wahhhh 😦

  4. MommaC says:

    Brace yourself…they will ALWAYS need their Mommy….*S*

  5. Tami says:

    I love this story! My babies are now 18 and 19 and in 2 months and 4 days I will have an empty nest. Talk about needing me less and less! These memories will mean the world to you sooner than you think. Kiss them every chance you get.

  6. KimL141 says:

    Don’t fear Erin. I still need my mommy!!! If I am sick, or I have a question about something to do with the baby, I call Mom! She may not have any idea how to make me feel less sick or solve my new Mommy problems, but knowing she’s there makes everything better. So, I don’t know if that makes you feel better, or annoyed that you will never truly be free of your kids problems, but they will ALWAYS need you!

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