Almost Summer

The kids only have a few more days left of this school year… and I’m soooo not ready for summer!

I’m really going to miss having the house to myself from 9am to 3:30pm. It’s funny how quickly I adjusted to having no kids at home during the day. After years and years of always having someone (first Damon, then Damon AND Avery, then just Avery!) underfoot, it was really odd at first when they both starting going to school full-time. But, now, that’s the norm… and, now, it feels strange when they’re both HERE.

My friends who are still moms to little ones often tell me how lucky I am… to work from home AND to have the kids in school. Yeah, it’s fabulous,but I definitely feel like I EARNED it! Lord knows they weren’t born going to school every day… and I was here changing diapers and fighting kids to take naps each and every day (and wondering how I’d ever survive this motherhood thing!), for a very long time.

So, it’s almost summer. And my days of freedom are going to come to an end for a few months. I’m not really dreading spending all of that time with my babies (I DO like them, really!), but I can already hear, “Mooooom, I’m booooored!!! Mom, can I go to so-and-so’s house? Mom, can so-and-so spend the night? Mom, there’s nothing here to EAT! Mom, we wanna go to the pooooool today! Can we go to the pool, Mom, pleeeeease???”

Nick’s idea is that we should buy pool passes this year. For the bargain price of $120, we could go to the pool as much as our hearts desire this summer. The only problem with that is… I still have a job to do, whether it’s summer or not! So, if I spend all day at the pool, then I’ll have to spend half the night working. And that really is NOT appealing. But, I’m considering it. We might not be able to go to the pool every day, but maybe twice a week or so… I could probably swing that! Plus, this is Avery’s summer to learn how to swim. And considering she still hasn’t figured out how to hold her breath under water, I think she’s going to need lots of time to accomplish that goal!!

To prepare for summer’s arrival, I’m spending this weekend away… attending a Reader/Author Get Together in Cincinnati with my friend Angie. I’m so looking forward to a fun girls’ weekend. And hope it will be just the mental health break I need before summer officially begins next week!

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One Response to Almost Summer

  1. MommaC says:

    I think that we are going to have to figure out the half-way point, meet there, and allow me to abscond with Damon and Avery for a few days. I’d love it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing posts about all the memories you make with them this summer!

    Love ya!

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