The older my kids get, the harder it is to get a decent picture of them together. It’s nearly impossible to get them TOGETHER for a pic, let alone get a good shot. I tried today… and failed miserably.

First, Damon’s eyes were closed.

Then, the wind was blowing Avery’s hair in front of her face and Damon refused to smile.

Next, Damon was whining, “You said ONE picture, Mom. ONE.” And I caught him mid-objection. (Although, Avery’s cheesy grin in this pic tickled me, anyway!)

And finally, this one ALMOST passes for a halfway decent photo… even though Damon has a not-so-nice expression. But the original, full-size pic is blurry as all get-out, of course.

I officially give up. I’m going to start photographing flowers and blades of grass. They cooperate.

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