I love it when my daddy sends a message saying he misses my blog posts.

Honestly, I’ve been meaning to blog for days and days and days. I have some various pics to share… and a few stories to tell. But I just never seem to carve out the time to do it!

As I type this, Avery is standing over my shoulder screaming, “Mommmmmy, I wanna play Dora now! You said ‘one minute!’ It’s been lots of minutes!!” And she’s doing some mad foot tapping over here. So, I’ll be brief. But I promise to come back later with some more in-depth posts (I promised my daddy, so now I have to do it!)

But here are a few snippets… what’s been going in in the Witschey World lately!

  • I’ve been spending LOTS of time with my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. A few weeks ago, I was in agony with neck/shoulder pain and a numb arm that was driving me bonkers. When I called my regular doctor, I was told they couldn’t get me in for a week. Ummm, not helpful. Several friends suggested I call a chiropractor (because I suspected I had a pinched nerve). And I’ve been seeing my chiro three times a week ever since. I’m feeling better… not perfect, but better. So, I’ll continue going.
  • We’re still in the process of redoing our living room. THAT has been quite a project. Nick ripped the carpet up forever ago… probably over a month ago. And our plan was to recarpet. But, the more we thought about it, the more we decided spending that much money on carpet that our kids and dogs would surely destroy was a bad idea. So, now we’ve decided to put flooring down instead. Eventually, our whole house will be carpet-free (b/c we’re ripping up the rest of the carpet, one room at a time, revealing the old laminate floors underneath). So, the carpet’s been gone. Nick has been busy priming and painting the living room walls whenever he has a few minutes to spare. And, he’s a busy guy, so it’s been taking a while!! The walls are now a lovely shade of avocado (NOT what we were going for, but it’s growing on me!). I’m hoping that we can get started on the flooring this weekend. I’m so ready to have my living room back in one piece!!
  • I traveled to Columbus, Ohio with my mom last weekend… to attend the huge, crazy book fair at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. It was pretty much a chaotic madhouse. And I didn’t wait in line for HOURS to see my favorite author, J.R. Ward. But, I did meet about a dozen of my other favorites and got books signed. That was pretty exciting! My friend Angie was there for work, so I got to spend some time visiting with her, too, which was nice! I also got a nice parking ticket from the city of Columbus. Oh, well. It was worth it.
  • This past Wednesday, I was invited to Avery’s class (along with all of the other mothers) for their Mother’s Day program. It was soooo sweet. I can’t imagine how much work the teachers and students put into this… it was a GREAT performance, and I was so impressed that the kids did so well! Avery made us all laugh, more than once, because that’s the kind of kid she is. We were also showered with gifts from our babies (I’ll share some of those in a later post!).
  • Last night, we went to Pittsburgh for yet another Pirates game. It was a spur of the moment decision to go… I knew the Bucs were in town and they’d been kicking some Cubs butt all week, and I heard that the weather was supposed to be PERFECT last night. So, I hopped online and snagged some cheap tickets. I couldn’t resist. We had a great time at PNC Park, as usual. Our seats this time were in the front row of the outfield, between right field and center field… very close to my Jonesy (when he’s playing his right field position!). Of course, he started the game on first base, much to my chagrin. But, halfway through, they switched things up and he came out to spend some time with me. I got some more great pics (I think I could wallpaper a room with all of my Jonesy pics from the last three games we’ve attended!). Damon got a practice ball thrown up by Andrew McCutchen, so that was exciting! This is our third game this season, and they’ve won all three that we’ve attended. I love that I’m not the bad luck charm that I always assumed I was.

And, I think that just about does it. That’s all of the excitement that’s been going on around here in the last week or two! I do have photos to accompany most of these things… so I’ll be back later (when Avery is not breathing over my shoulder, eagerly awaiting her Dora game!) to share some pics! I hope this will tide you over, Dad! 😉

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3 Responses to Tidbits

  1. Tammi says:

    YAY! I miss your blog posts too! I check in every day to see what’s new!

  2. Daddy/Grampy says:

    Thanks. . . I’m xhausted just READING about youse guys!

  3. Carrie Hewitt says:

    I love your blog posts too, but even more I love to SKYPE with you. You make me smile!

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