A different view

I thought I’d give a little visual follow-up to my Waste post from a few weeks ago.


During (It only took them about 10 minutes to bring the whole house down, so I didn’t get many good “action” shots of the destruction):


The house has been down for a couple of weeks already, and it still kinda freaks me out when I look across the street and see a big hole where it used to sit.

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2 Responses to A different view

  1. Daddy/Grampy says:

    Where’s my BLOG update . . . Miss the regular, frequent ramblings of ‘Roneus!!! (Facebook is a poor cousin!)

  2. ErinW says:

    Sorry, Dad!!! i know it’s been a while. I’ll post this afternoon just for you (maybe a few times!!). XOXO.

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