Wow, a family photo!

At the Pirates games, they have a dozen little FanFoto photographers roaming around, offering to take photos. Then, you go home and find your photo in their online Gallery and pay an arm and a leg to have a print made. And, although I don’t usually partake in such foolishness, it is VERY rare that anyone offers to take a photo of all four of us together!

So, we posed for a few pics at the last Pirates game we went to. I was pleasantly surprised to find one where we were all actually looking at the camera and smiling… and looking like a real family! So, even though paying an arm and a leg for one measly print is against everything I believe in (because I have a camera and I know how to use it!!), I did it anyway.

This is a pic of the pic, so the quality is not the best, of course. But it’ll give you an idea of what all four Witscheys look like together! It’ll probably be another decade before this happens again, so take a good look! 😉

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One Response to Wow, a family photo!

  1. Ronnica says:

    Look at those smiling faces! It actually looks like you guys were there alone (no wonder, it looks cold).

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