Oh yeah, she’s evil…

I’m always talking about Lizzie the Evil Min Pin. And anyone who so much as walks past my house gets a good earful of her wrath… she really does seem super evil. She barks, she growls… sometimes I think we should’ve named her Cujo.

But the four of us who know and love her (or love to hate her!) the best, see a totally different side of Evil Liz most of the time.

This is how evil she is.

She can’t get close enough to a warm body… as long as it’s a warm body belonging to one of her peeps! She’s definitely not a fan of strangers. But I can’t sit anywhere without this “evil” creature curling up with me… somehow, someway. She absolutely eats up any amount of attention and then begs for more.

Yep, she’s evil alright!

Pictures taken by Avery, 4/26/10.

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