A future Pirate?

Damon played fall ball last year and really enjoyed it. Although, he wasn’t the best ballplayer. He had trouble catching, and because it was his first year playing, he was way behind the other boys as far as basic skills go. But, somehow, the child has magically learned how to catch in the last few months. He and Nick went out into the yard the other day, just to throw the ball around some, and Nick was AMAZED at the huge improvement in his son’s catching abilities. We don’t know where it came from!

So, now Damon is really gung-ho about wanting to play baseball again. Unfortunately, we missed the sign-ups for the spring season, and it’s already started. But, Nick has promised to work with Damon as much as possible this summer, so that he’s ready to show his stuff when fall ball rolls around again!

When Damon played last fall, he expressed interest in the catcher position. He’s still intent on wanting to catch… so, his insane father went out and spent a small fortune on new catcher’s gear for our son last weekend. After seeing THAT receipt, I told Damon that he better love being a catcher… because he’s going to catch now whether he likes it or not!!! I also told him that all I want is for him to be a Pirate one day… that’s not too much to ask, right??

Here’s my not-so-little catcher:

Nick and Damon have been at the field and in the backyard practicing as much as possible… weather permitting.

It’s nice to see them enjoying some father/son time… and to see Damon enjoying something other than a video game!!

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