Kids Day at PNC Park

Every Sunday is Kids Day at PNC Park. They have all sorts of fun stuff set up outside the stadium before the game, each kid gets a promotional item when they go through the gate (yesterday’s was a LaRoche jersey), they can stay after the game and run the bases… fun stuff.

Even though it was wayyyy too cold for a ballgame yesterday, Nick and I took the kids. And, aside from shivering for four solid hours, we had a great time! We actually got there super early and had time to leisurely stroll around the stadium and check things out. Usually, when we go to a game, we’re rushing like crazy and sitting through traffic for an hour… and we’re lucky to make it to our seats before first pitch. So, going up early and taking time to enjoy the full experience was a nice change.

I also splurged and got us really great seats. We were in the nosebleed section at the last game we attended, and although it’s still fun up there, it’s even better when you’re up close and personal with the players just a few rows behind their dugout! I think it’s my new personal goal to sit in every section of PNC Park before the season is over! 😉

There were lots of brooms at the Park yesterday, and they were put to use when the Pirates won… and swept the series against the Reds! Very exciting stuff. Even more exciting that we’ve attended two games this year, and they’ve won both games. Maybe I’m not such a bad luck charm, after all!!

I took 160-some pictures yesterday… most of which featured my favorite hunky Buc, Garrett Jones, of course. I could wallpaper a wall with my pics of him. But I’ll refrain, for now. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day…

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