It’s that time of year…

Time for the bikes to come out!

Unfortunately, we live in Hill Central, so there’s really no safe place for the kids to ride at the house. But, we do live just down the street from the middle/high school, and they have a huge, flat parking lot. The kids love pedaling around there.

Damon recently got a new bike. He had really outgrown his old one, and it was falling apart… so we treated him to a new bike (because he’s spoiled rotten like that).

Avery is still riding her bike from last year… the Goodwill find that I was so excited about. She hasn’t outgrown it yet. In fact, she hasn’t taken the training wheels off yet, either. We need to work on that this summer! (And, Angie, before you say anything… I know that her helmet was not down far enough! Every time she rode past me, I yanked it down… but her ponytail kept pushing it back up. Next time, no ponytail for Avery!)

Damon likes to freak Avery out by pretending he’s going to barrel into her at full speed and then turning away at the last minute… he’s such a big brother. I think Uncle Kevin must be giving him private lessons when I’m not looking…

Always a diva…

What a difference two years makes! Here’s a post I made almost 2 years ago when Avery first started riding… look how little she is!!!

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One Response to It’s that time of year…

  1. carla says:

    Seriously looks like the kids have gret time riding their bikes……good to get them out in the fresh air and hopefully take some of that energy out of them! YEH RIGHT…LOL

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