Work/Readathon Hour 5.5

And… I haven’t done much to brag about!

I did run to Sheetz because I’m out of coffee creamer and I couldn’t face coffee without cream. Sheetz makes my favorite vanilla cappuccino, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I even got a double shot of espresso, hoping it would give me that extra burst of energy that I’m in desperate need of today. So far, ummmm, no… not really feeling that. But it’s yummy, nonetheless!

I have actually started working. I’m just finishing up my first article of the day. I think I might try to knock out one more (they’re mercifully short articles!!) and then crack open a book finally!

I know I’m off to a super slow start with my reading. But I have high hopes for this evening/tonight. When everyone else is losing steam after reading all day, I’ll just be getting started!! So, even though I haven’t done much YET, there’s still plenty of time in the Readathon!!

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5 Responses to Work/Readathon Hour 5.5

  1. Valerie says:

    glad you are participating! I know I’ll get more reading done later into the readathon.

  2. alitareads says:

    Mmmm that vanilla cappuccino sounds delicious! Yup, you’ve still got lots of reading time left!

  3. Florinda says:

    Just stopped here to leave a cheer – “Rock on, Readathon-er!” 🙂

    I got off to a slow start too, but if I can stay awake, I hope the rest of the day yields more reading.

  4. jehara says:

    a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page. . .
    continue on to the final sigh of contentment
    and then do it again. 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    The reading will stop
    Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
    your book count will be higher
    Just keep thinking about tomorrow
    all the great books you will have to talk about
    with your blog friends
    If you get blurred or sore, or sleepy
    Just stick up your chin
    and grin
    and say
    My TO BE READ PILE, Tomorrow
    will be smaller than it was before
    and your spirits will soar
    because then TOMORROW, TOMORROW You can go shopping TOMORROW at Amazon and BUY SOME MORE!

    😀 lol

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