A fun evening with the Bucs!

Last night, Nick and I took the kids into Pittsburgh for an evening of baseball, good-lookin’ ballplayers, hot dogs, cotton candy… and did I mention good-lookin’ ballplayers??

Pirates games are rapidly becoming one of my favorite things about living so close to the city.

It’s funny because Pittsburgh is home to some great athletic teams. It’s no secret that the Steelers and the Penguins are pretty awesome, and it’s hard to go anywhere around here and NOT hear someone talking about them at any given time! But, the Pirates? Well, you don’t hear much about them other than ridicule… because, quite simply, they aren’t the best. They haven’t had a winning season in 17 years!?!? That’s a long time.

But, Nick and I have discovered in the last few years that we love baseball. Winning or losing team, we really enjoy watching and/or attending Pirates games and rooting for the Buccos!

And this week has been a great time to be a Pirates fan. They’ve won their first two games of the season against the Dodgers, which apparently is nothing short of amazing. We were beyond thrilled to be part of the crowd at PNC Park last night, cheering when Jonesy hit a homerun in the 1st inning and jumping out of our seats when the Pirates won the game in the bottom of the 10th. The games are fun, no matter the outcome… but they’re positively fabulous when the Bucs actually win!!!!

We were in the nosebleed section last night, which was disappointing at first. The last time we attended a game last season, we were spoiled with awesome seats. But, it didn’t take long to realize that there really isn’t a bad seat in PNC Park. And, the win was just as exciting (maybe even moreso) from the cheap seats!

How can you not fall in love with this man? Jonesy is off to a great start this season… he’s definitely the crowd favorite, judging by the amount of screaming that goes on when he’s announced each and every time he picks up a bat! I think the fact that he’s simply adorable doesn’t hurt… at least for the female fans! 😉

It was a very late night for us, considering it was a Wednesday and we had to get up and moving early this morning. I think we all have a bit of a baseball hangover today. But it was worth it. I’m already looking forward to our next trip to PNC Park!!

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3 Responses to A fun evening with the Bucs!

  1. Diane says:

    It sounds like you had a really good time at the Pirates game – have you ever gone to see the Washington Wild Things? It seems like it would be the same distance from where you live. We went there when we were on vacation a couple years ago and it was super fun. While I do not enjoy baseball I really like going to minor league baseball games (I’m sure all the delicious food available at baseball games helps.) While I realize you won’t be able to see as many good looking ball players, the food is cheap(er) and they have a lot of stuff for kids to pay attention too in between innings. Wow. It totally sounds like I work for them. I’ll shut up now!

  2. Erin says:

    We’ve never been to a Wild Things game! When we lived in MD, we went to Shorebirds games quite a bit… b/c Baltimore was a lot further than Pittsburgh is now, lol. We enjoyed the Shorebirds games, too. But there’s just something more exciting about majors vs. minors!!! And, yeah… the Wild Things don’t have my boyfriend, Jonesy! ROFLMAO

  3. Checking for word verification..lalala.

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