Take it outside!

It’s been gorgeous in the Ohio Valley this week, yet my children are still spending way too much time INDOORS.

They go outside for a few minutes and then claim “there’s nothing to do out there!” So, today I suggested that they take some of their indoor toys and just play with them outside in the sun. What a novel idea!

Avery has been wanting a(nother) Barbie pool. She hasn’t gotten one. So, today she asked if I could fill up a big kitchen bowl with water for her Barbies. Absolutely! Insta-Barbie pool!!! And she’s just as happy with that… imagine!

Damon brought his Lego drawer outside.

The dogs are enjoying the nice weather, too.

Hi, Evil Lizzie!!

Hi, Mr. Comet!

Are we keeping you awake??

Hi, Shark Tooth!!

Damon wouldn’t smile for a close-up. Gee, there’s a surprise!!

I’m just happy that they’re actually outside, getting some fresh air… enjoying their last day of “Spring Break” before they head back to school tomorrow!

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