What I love about Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

There’s a new button in my sidebar… for Dewey’s 24-hour read-a-thon. If you click on that handy dandy button, it’ll take you to the sign-up page on the read-a-thon site; the next read-a-thon is scheduled for April 10th. It’s painless to sign up, so you should do it! I just did.

I know that lots of you read my dozens of read-a-thon posts and hear me yammering on about it twice a year… but you probably wonder what the heck is so great about the read-a-thon. So, I’m gonna tell you!!

1. Twenty-four hours devoted to reading. Need I say more??

2. Twenty-four hours devoted to reading with hundreds of other people who enjoy reading as much as you do = Awesomeness.

3. The read-a-thon gives me lots of blogging material!

4. TWITTER! I can’t imagine the read-a-thon without Twitter. It’s so unbelievably cool to be able to instantly connect and communicate with so many other people, who are all participating in the same activity.

5. Mini-challenges. These are so much fun. Let’s face it, no one can sit and read for 24 hours straight. Well, maybe someone can, but I know I can’t! The mini-challenges give your eyes a break, but you feel like you’re still participating in the event. Plus, there are fun prizes! Who doesn’t love prizes??

6. The read-a-thon Cheerleaders are so wonderful. They visit your blog regularly throughout the read-a-thon and leave encouraging comments to keep you going. Who doesn’t love encouraging comments??

7. Some people actually get sponsors and make donations to charity based on their reading progress. I think this is so cool… to turn something you love into something that will help others.

8. #iheartthespark. Rebecca (@bookladysblog) had me literally laughing out loud when she read a Nicholas Sparks book and shared her thoughts with all of us while reading, one tweet at a time. Seriously funny stuff. It almost makes me want to read a Nicholas Sparks book so that I can join her in “hearting the Spark.” Almost.

9. When you make the commitment to devote 24 hours of your life to reading, you automatically get permission to nap whenever you feel you need it during those 24 hours. Guilt-free napping, at any time of day, is heavenly in my book!

10. When I participated in the last read-a-thon, my kids wanted in on the action, too. Watching my daughter gather up a pile of her favorite books and having my kids share my love of reading is priceless.

Oh, and I thought of one more, but I’m too OCD to add a #11 to my list… probably the BEST thing about Dewey’s read-a-thon is that there’s absolutely no pressure. I know some of these readers go hog wild and read a dozen books in 24 hours, and I am always in awe of those Super Readers!! Honestly, I haven’t gotten all that much reading done the last couple of times I’ve participated… but, still, it’s a great time. And if you just want to sit on the computer and interact with the other readers/cheerleaders/organizers, etc… that’s pretty much okay, too! The point is to have a good time and to celebrate your love of reading, and we all do that… no matter how many pages we read that day!

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4 Responses to What I love about Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

  1. OMG, PLEASE heart the spark with me. I won’t be readathoning this time (and I don’t think you could pay me to read another one of his books), but I would love to see the tradition continue! (not that I’d wish that kind of suffering on anyone, though)

  2. Ronnica says:

    I love Twitter during the Read-a-thon. Better now that I have Hootsuite and can watch everything at once. The hard part will to be disciplined enough to put the computer away so I can read, too!

  3. Have a fab readathon! I’m just trying to get organised lol!

  4. Julia says:

    Oh man, sometimes I wish I was part of the non-German reading blog community. I have noone to tweet with! So the only thing I can do is annoying my German friends who have no clue what’s going on 😀

    Now back to reading, my first book is almost finished!

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