We like to torture our animals

Comet is big.

Comet is hairy.

Comet is big and hairy… and sometimes smelly.

Comet has been in desperate need of a bath for weeks… maybe months.

We always bathe Comet by hosing him down in the driveway. Obviously we can’t do this in the middle of winter… which makes me wonder HOW we’ve bathed him for the past 3 winters that he’s been with us. Apparently, we haven’t. Because we’ve never put a full-grown Comet in our human bathtub. Until now.

Doesn’t he look thrilled??

What I didn’t get a picture of was the whole fandamily crammed into our tiny bathroom to witness this torture. I never realized that bathing a dog could cause such a stir.

The bath was a huge success… Comet now smells heavenly. Well, maybe not heavenly… he IS still a dog, after all. But he smells much better. And his coat is gorgeous and shiny again.

And, thank God for hair catchers for the tub!! The amount of hair that came off of that dog was ABSURD. We could’ve made three more golden retrievers out of the excess hair.

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1 Response to We like to torture our animals

  1. Kim G says:

    Comet is adorable 😉 And, yes.. he looked less than thrilled. LOL. I bet he got out of the tub and he dried off right next to you, with a little shake, huh? 😉

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