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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while… ever since I switched themes and rearranged my blog a bit.  I think I’m finally comfortable with the theme I ended up with. It’s not ideal, but until I break down and pay to have my own site that looks exactly how I want, this will have to do!

One reason I chose this theme over many others is because it has the custom header option. I know that lots of you enjoyed the custom headers on my old blog, so now we have that again. In the header right now are just some random pics from our trip to Ocean City last December. One of these days, I AM going to make another, cute header… if I can ever get motivated to pull up my digi scrapping software and kits. For now, you get photos. It’s better than nothing, right?? I guess I could at least update the photos monthly… I’ll put that on the “To Do” list.

The other thing I liked about this layout is the “open” sidebar… a perfect spot for me to clutter things up with my favorite blinkies! Honestly, I hate it when I go to someone’s blog that has three sidebars and is FULL of blinkies and ads and God knows what else. It’s so hard to actually find things that should be in the sidebar that way (I’m always hunting down RSS feed buttons!). So I’m trying to keep my sidebar clutter to a minimum. My plan is to change out the blinkies/buttons and have no more than five or six there at one time. Look for a post soon about the sites featured in my sidebar at the moment (before I change them out!). And, they’re more than just cuteness… each blinkie/button over there is actually linked to the site it’s associated with. The hope is that you’ll see something that interests you and maybe discover a new place to visit online!

Also in my sidebar are Recent Comments (just because I like to see them!), drop-down menus for Archives and Categories, a Blog Stats counter (because I’m fascinated to see how many people actually stop by here!), and the RSS feed buttons. Oh, and hiding at the very top of the sidebar, under the header, is a nifty Search box. I use this search function ALL the time, mostly when I’m scrapbooking and can’t remember a specific date, but I know I blogged about it! It’s a lot easier for me to use the search box than the Categories menu, because I didn’t start categorizing my posts until I made the switch to WordPress. Therefore, lots of posts are marked as “uncategorized,” so I can’t find them that way. For instance, right now, the Category menu says there are 29 posts about Damon… I can assure you that I’ve made a lot more than 29 posts about my son since I started this blog over 4 years ago!!

At the bottom of the header, you’ll find the Home tab, which will always bring you back to the “front” page of the blog, and the “who is crazy comma momma?” tab, which takes you to my “About Me” page (just in case you don’t already know enough about me!).

I think that just about does it. Now you know more about my blog than you ever needed or wanted to know! I’m always open to suggestions and feedback. If you see something you like/don’t like or have a suggestion to make, just drop me a line in the comments.

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