Today, at our house…

Avery is singing karaoke in her bikini.

The dogs are hoping Damon will share his sandwich.

Lizzie still hates Comet just as much as she did 3 years ago, when he joined our family… but he loves her anyway.

Comet is still a horse of a dog.

And, what do you know? It is STILL snowing!!

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4 Responses to Today, at our house…

  1. Michelle says:

    How much do I love that Avery is wearing a bikini when there is a snowstorm outside?!

  2. Becki says:

    I saw the bikini and was hoping it was warmer at your house than it is here . . . bummer, I guess we’ll have to winter somewhere else!

  3. MommaC says:

    *LOL* Avery cracks me up!

  4. MommaC says:

    *LOL* Grampa Jay just looked at Avery’s pic and remarked, “She’s having a beach moment!”

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