Who’s That Girl #2

The current Who’s that Girl challenge is called The Name Game.

I had a hard time deciding which name to document for my layout. Although most people do call me Erin, my mom usually calls me by my middle name, Ragan. Nick always calls me Boss (I don’t think he even knows what my real name is anymore!). The kids, obviously, call me Mommy. My online alias is often witscheywoman. I sign my emails with a capital E and a period most of the time. My brother and my friend Julie call me Little E. My best friend Christie and I have always used our initials to refer to each other in emails… so I used to be ERJ and now I’m ERW (I still haven’t gotten used to using her married initials!). And, my dad calls me Roneous… though, I think I probably spelled that wrong (Ronius, is it, Dad?? And how perfect are those Scrabble letter stickers, eh??).

Anyway, I couldn’t choose just one name to document, so I tried to include them all instead! I’m thinking about making a second page to go along with this, so that I can include some journaling to explain all of the different names…

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One Response to Who’s That Girl #2

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    ‘Ronius is the PREFERRED spelling — ‘tho ‘Roneous might really be more accurate (assuming the derivation is a contraction/diminutive form of the ACTUAL word ERRONEOUS). . . With respect to the SCRABBLE letters — you gotta luv ’em — ceptin for the fact that all have a single point value (unless placed on a double or triple ltrs square)! So why do they show a 2 pointers? Inflation strikes SCRABBLE!!!??? . . . Ask the Deaner is you want simple appreciation for a yob well done!

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