Accomplish: Week 6

Has it really been three weeks since I made an “Accomplish” post??
Since then, I’ve survived the 2010 Pinewood Derby, finished our income taxes, started a new blogtaken my kids to the dentist, and signed my son up for flag football. And I’ve watched my husband accomplish lots of snow shoveling!
I’ve also read a little… I’m now on book five of the Outlander saga. And totally losing steam with it. So, last night, I picked another, totally unrelated book off my shelf and dove into that instead. It’s amazing how quickly one can fly through a “normal” book after spending months reading Gabaldon!
The kids have been home from school for a solid week now because of lovely winter weather… and, I’m starting to feel blah because our daily routine has been totally shot to Hell! As nice as it is to sleep in and stay in my jammies all day, it does get old after a while. And it doesn’t take long before I start feeling worthless, in general. I’m not feeling very “accomplished” these days. I think I need a plan of action… something big… so that I can actually live up to my One Little Word this year. So, I’m going to work on that for next week… I hope!
I’ll leave you with my latest scrapbook layouts that I haven’t shared in other posts yet.

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