A trip to the dentist!

My kids visited the dentist today… for the first time ever.

We were all a little nervous, but they were both troopers! It helped that the dentist they saw was absolutely wonderful!! I asked for recommendations from some local moms, and two different people recommended the same practice (a  husband and wife team), so I went with them. Dr. Cynthia saw both Damon and Avery, and I honestly can’t imagine a more kid-friendly dentist.

Damon has two little cavities that he’ll have filled in a few weeks. Other than that, his teeth looked great… which amazed me because this child does NOT like to brush his teeth, no matter how much I hound him about it! So, I was actually pleased with only two cavities!! He also has some crowding issues with his new, big bottom teeth that are coming in. More than likely, he’ll end up in the orthodontist’s chair sometime in the future… but it’s nothing pressing, which was a relief!

Here’s Damon, in the chair. The kids loved the sunglasses they were given to wear, to protect their eyes from the big, bright light.

What prompted me to finally get these kids to the dentist was Avery’s little fang. She lost her first tooth back in November, and instead of a tooth coming in, she’s growing this little shark tooth/fang-looking thing… you can kinda/sorta see it in this picture:

I asked my mommy friends if they had any experience with such a thing, and my friend Melissa told me to google the term “mesiodens.” I did. And it made me cringe. After seeing various online pics and accounts of mesiodens, I was convinced that’s what Avery’s fang was… and, it is.

Dr. Cynthia took two x-rays of Avery’s mouth today, just to be sure. The fang is an extra tooth that prematurely pushed her baby tooth out (hence the reason she lost her top tooth before her bottom teeth, which is odd). The good news is that there IS a “real” tooth that’s going to come in there at some point. So, within the next two years, we’ll have to have Avery’s fang pulled. I’m sure that won’t be oodles of fun, for either of us, but we’ll worry about that then! For now, it’s not causing Avery any discomfort and isn’t interfering with her other teeth, so she’s just going to have a little fang for a while.

Avery was very proud of the fact that she has no cavities. And, other than her fang, Dr. Cynthia says her teeth are beautiful!

Here are some pics of Avery in the chair. Love those rock star glasses!!

Today I’m a proud momma. The kids handled their first visit to the dentist like champs! And I’m just relieved that it’s over and that we found such a great dentist for them!

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4 Responses to A trip to the dentist!

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  2. Lluïsa says:

    Hello, I’m Lluïsa from Spain,

    My English is so poor and I hope you understand me!

    I’m studying dentistry and I have found your website by coincidence while I was looking for a mesiodens RX!

    I like a lot how you write, you look like a very honey mum and I have had a good time reading some of your posts!

    A big hug from spain! 🙂 I have to say that you have the most beautiful kids ever! They are so nice!

  3. Anne S says:

    I came across this blog when I was researching mesiodens. My son has one and I am so nervous about how it will run it’s course. I’m curious, has hers grown out any more? Does she still have it or has it been removed at this point?

  4. Erin says:

    Anne, we ended up having to have it pulled… probably a year or so later. The mesiodens got much bigger than it is in these pics. And it became an issue with kids teasing her in school, so Avery became very self-conscious. She was actually the one asking to have it pulled, so we did. I think pulling it was definitely the right thing to do… the tooth was very large (under the gums even), and the dentist seemed surprised by that. Clearly, once it was pulled, she realized it wouldn’t have been pushed out “naturally.” I’m afraid if we had waited much longer to have it pulled, it could’ve caused a lot of other issues with her teeth.

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