We have snow!!


I’ve been whining and moaning for over a week now because my oceanfront friends have gotten more snow than we have, here in the HILLS of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. And there’s just something very wrong about that, isn’t there??

But, today, all is right in my snowy, hilly world. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and kept it up for about 24 hours, leaving us with about 18 inches of snow. Nick has been busy shoveling and digging a luge through the yard for the kids to sled down. He also shoveled for the old lady next door… she pays in peanut butter fudge, so we like to do work for her!!

I went out with the kids for a few minutes this morning and snapped a few snowy pics. The snow was so deep that Damon had to trudge through first, and Avery followed in his path. Otherwise, I don’t think Avery would’ve gotten very far!!

We moved almost exactly two years ago. And the kids still talk sometimes about missing Maryland and living by the beach. I don’t think they were missing the beach today, though. They were pretty darn happy trudging through all of that snow!!

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