Please send ibuprofen!

Damon finished up his birthday shopping last night. He told us that he wanted to get video games, which was no shock.

But, Nick had to stop by Lowes last night for something Pinewood Derby-related (I thought we were done with that for another year, but apparently we’re not!)… and once we got in there, Damon decided he wanted to use his birthday money to buy… TOOLS, of all things.

Tools. I was so puzzled. I had no idea what this child thought he was going to do with a case full of tools. And I told him that. But he pissed and moaned and cried and threw FITS… and finally convinced me that he’d rather have tools than video games. So, tools it was!

Nick and I were actually quite pleased that he chose something other than a video game… believe it or not, we do TRY to encourage things other than vegging in front of the television, controller in hand. But he’s always been a video game junkie… since he was old enough to hold a controller. So, yay, Damon is interested in something other than video games!!

That excitement was extremely short-lived.

After two days of listening to much hammering coming from our basement, I’m ready to shoot myself. Damon hammered until bedtime last night. And as soon as he got home from school today, the hammering started all over again. My head is POUNDING!!

I told Nick tonight that I really wanted to go buy Damon a damn video game, with my own money, in the hopes that it would distract him from the hammering… for just a minute or two.

My head. It hurts. Make. The. Hammering. Stop.

Video games are NOT such a bad thing. I promise.

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One Response to Please send ibuprofen!

  1. thecatsman says:

    Sometimes you just can’t win…

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