Pinewood Derby, Part II

Derby Day was a little on the crazy side, like we knew it would be.

Of course, Nick DJed the night before and didn’t get home ’til around 4am… I didn’t wake him until 10:30 and the Derby started at 11, oops! I didn’t realize he wanted to get up earlier, get some more work done on Damon’s car, and get to the church early. So we were running and rushing to get there on time.

When we got there, the line was out the door of the church. The line for registration and inspection of the cars. Inspection that Nick was supposed to be in charge of!

Here’s my view from the stage, of the registration/inspection line… and you can barely see Nick back there (behind the light, in the Pittsburgh hat), hard at work.

Only three boys from Damon’s Bear den participated this year. So I took pics of each of them setting their cars.



and Skyler…

Skyler won!!

Damon came in last, and he wasn’t very happy about that… but he got over it quickly and enjoyed watching the rest of the racers compete.

The top four in each den “place” and receive trophies at the Blue and Gold Banquet in March. So, uhhh, all of the Bears will be getting trophies! We have the smallest den in the pack, but I think that makes the boys that much closer. Aren’t they cute? Ignore Damon’s blue mouth… ring pops. Snack bar. Leave it to my children to have the blue, sticky mouths!!

The Derby was a huge success… and Nick and I are both glad that it’s over for another year. Now we can take a break for a while before we start hosting workshops to build next year’s cars!!!

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