Report Card Day

Avery’s report card has a long list of various skills that they work on in Kindergarten. And, next to each of them is a big “M,” which stands for Mastery. Which means she’s perfect. And a genius. A perfect, 6-year-old genius. Of course, I already knew that.

For the first marking period this year, she had one “PM”… Partial Mastery. She had only partially mastered completing tasks on time. But, apparently, she improved on that skill in the second 9 weeks of Kindergarten… there’s an “M” next to that skill now.

My favorite part of report cards is the “Comments” section, where the teacher actually writes intelligible things about my child.

Avery’s comments for the first 9 weeks were: “Excellent student! At times, Avery does not use her time wisely. Very capable!!”

The comments for the second marking period: “Outstanding student! Great reader!!! Works well independently.”

She’s a perfect, outstanding, 6-year-old, reading genius. Way to go, Avery!!

I don’t have Damon’s report card because he forgot to “check his mail” before he left the classroom this afternoon. He’s not perfect, clearly.

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One Response to Report Card Day

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Big surprise there (NOT!)

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