Derby 2010, Part I

My house has been Pinewood Derby Central for the past month. Every weekend, little Cub Scouts and their parents have been invading my home to work on their Derby cars in the basement. For me, it’s been a virtual nightmare. Dogs barking, kids running through my house, parents not paying attention to their kids running through my house, etc.

So, I’m positively thrilled that this weekend is the annual Pinewood Derby! That means I’ll get my house back on the weekends (until this time next year, anyway).

Tonight, we kicked off Derby weekend with the Friends and Family race. It’s just what it sounds like… friends and family members are invited to race cars that they’ve made. And the Scouts are allowed to make a second car to race at the F&F race, just for fun.

Nick, Damon, and Avery all had cars for tonight’s race. I ended up racing Nick’s car, however, because he was in charge of the official scoreboard and eliminations (and, trust me, that’s a lot harder than it sounds!).

Here are some of the cars, lined up and ready to go after they were inspected. There were 26 cars total.

You don’t have to look very closely to find Avery’s car. Mine/Nick’s is the green one to the left of the AVERY mobile, and Damon’s is the yellow one next to that.

Here’s Damon’s car, along with its competitors, waiting at the gate.

Damon and his car both moved too fast for me to get any pics of them together, unfortunately.

But, as usual, Avery was much more cooperative in the photo department…

She won!!

And, of course, there are no pictures of me serving as Nick’s proxy. Why on earth would anyone think to pick up a camera and take a picture of me?? No, of course they wouldn’t. But I did race the car… and it raced well!!! We were undefeated for a long time, until the very end.

At the end, there were three girls standing.

It was a fun evening. Tomorrow, we’ll return for the Pack race, where the Scouts will race their “official” 2010 Derby cars. I’ve volunteered to work the snack bar, but hopefully I’ll get to sneak out and snap a few pics of Damon’s race. Stay tuned for Derby 2010, Part II.

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One Response to Derby 2010, Part I

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    What a HOOT! — and SO All-American. . . Say hi to Li’l Ms. Perfect, SpeedRacer and Nice “Joe Gibbs” Witschey!! — and, while you’re attit, give Commamomma a big hug and kiss from all of us. xxoo

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