A new blog

My dear mother-in-law has tried to join me in the blogging world several times. She’s started a few different blogs over the years… and I thought that all of them had a lot of promise, and I always looked forward to what her next post would bring! But, she’s had a bit of a problem sticking with these blogs.

So, I snickered a little last week when she posted a link on Facebook to yet another blog she’d started. But I’m a good daughter-in-law, so I visited the new blog and… I was blown away by her awesome idea/plan for her little place on the Web.

Here are a few snippets to give you an idea of what it’s all about…

Eventually, all of us experience a moment of reckoning or revelation, wherein the result is a compelling, unavoidable need to do something more — to do something good.

I had an extra chance to do something that matters . . . but what? In whose shoes should I walk a mile to collect the enlightenment needed to make a difference?

There is a method to devote time and energy in quantities that give back and provoke change for a number of things that matter…

For 2010, I vow to go a mile — no, I vow to train and run (more accurately, jog or slog) 5K events for at least six different causes.

As I select and identify each cause, I ask each reader to post here the name of an affected friend or loved one, along with a note about that person’s positive impact in your life. Besides being tremendously inspirational, this will allow me to devote these running activities to the honor or memory of specific individuals.

How cool is that idea?? She’s a pretty cool lady.

Currently, my cool mother-in-law is training for her first event of 2010… a 5K run to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

You can read lots more about that Project, track her progress, and find other inspirational goodies at my dear mother-in-law’s new blog: A Mile in Their Shoes.

My mother-in-law recently told me that she thinks she’s found her “niche” with this blog. And now that I’ve told everyone I know about it and am encouraging you all to visit, she HAS to keep up with it, right?? No pressure, Chris! 😉 XOXO.

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2 Responses to A new blog

  1. linda lewis says:

    The need to do something more is in all of us but sometimes it is buried so deep it takes a while to come to the surface. You’re right. Your mother-in-law is a wise woman. Wisdom comes when you have a teachable spirit and she seems to have learned how to win the love and respect of her daughter-in-law. God bless you both.

  2. MommaC says:

    Wow…thank you so much for the kind words, Erin! Your comments are so much more than I’d hoped for … and seriously, I’m going to try very hard to do better with the posting!

    Really, though, you snickered? *LOL*

    Love ya’. And, thanks!

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